Tchia: How to Fast Travel

Even though getting around in Tchia is easier than in most other action-adventure games, fast traveling can save you a lot of time. Here’s how to do it. 

In Tchia, moving around beautiful New Caledonia is pretty easy with the Soul Jumping mechanic and sailing your boat. However, if you must traverse super long distances or travel between the islands of Ija Noj and Madra Noj, fast traveling is the way to go. Here’s how to travel fast in Tchia. 

How to Fast Travel in Tchia

To fast travel, players must visit a dock and speak to the attendant, then select the Fast Travel option then, select a dock to confirm their choice. Players can only fast travel to docks they’ve already discovered, so you’ll need to travel to each dock before being able to fast travel to it. 

Fast Travel Map Tchia

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In Tchia, there are 10 docks that players can discover throughout the world. Unfortunately, there is no other place to fast travel, so if you’re far from a dock, you’ll need to commute to it manually. Soul-Jumping into a bird or Soul-Jumping, Soul-Throwing, then Soul-Jumping back into the thrown item can help you cover long distances quickly. 

Before players can properly fast travel in Tchia, they must locate a dock. Luckily — the first dock on Madra Noj is pretty easy to find in the early game. 

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