How to Switch Stance in Undisputed

In Undisputed, Boxers can fight traditional or right-hand dominant or southpaw, aka left-hand dominant. If you’re looking to switch your stance, you should know a few things. 

In the boxing game, Undisputed, switching your stance can confuse your opponent and create openings that wouldn’t otherwise exist. Certain boxers, such as Terence Crawford, excel in both the traditional and southpaw stances, which players can switch up situationally. Other boxers, like Oleksandr Usyk, normally fight in the southpaw stance.

How to Switch Stance in Undisputed

Players can switch their stance by pressing right on the D-pad. Currently, in Early Access, players can only choose the default stance for their fighters. The developers of Undisputed, Steel City Interactive, plan to add the stance switch functionality in the near future. 

Why Switch Stance?

There are a few reasons why you’d want to switch stances in Undisputed. For one, if you are facing a natural southpaw, it may feel more natural for you to fight in the southpaw stance as well. 

In Undisputed, certain boxers, like Terence Crawford, have the Switch hitter trait, which enables them to fight with full proficiency in either stance. If the fighter you are playing has this trait, consider switching to southpaw mid-fight if you are struggling or want to confuse your opponent. 

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Right-hand dominant means that your left hand is in front of your right hand and used to jab, while your right hand is used to throw a cross or straight. When you switch to southpaw, your stance also changes. 

Usyk vs Fury Undisputed

This can make fighting an opponent awkward, especially if you’re not used to it. This awkwardness also applies to your opponent, so if you become accustomed to this stance, it could give you the edge in online play. 

You should not switch stance if your fighter is a natural right-hander. It will reduce your overall fighting proficiency and could cost you the fight. 

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