How to Obtain the Infinite Corridor in Vampire Survivors

Learn how to get the Infinite Corridor in Vampire Survivors, an evolved version of the Clock Lancet weapon.

Vampire Survivors is full of unlockable content, some of which is hidden and only visible after collecting special items. The 0.6.1 update added several new weapons and a secret Relic to the game. There are also a few new achievements, so completionists may have noticed one that says to get the Infinite Corridor. Here’s a guide explaining how to obtain the Infinite Corridor in Vampire Survivors.

What is the Infinite Corridor in Vampire Survivors?

The Infinite Corridor is a weapon in Vampire Survivors and the evolved version of the Clock Lancet. The Clock Lancet evolves into the Infinite Corridor at level eight when you have the Silver Ring with the Gold Ring items maxed out.

How to obtain the Infinite Corridor in Vampire Survivors

To obtain the Infinite Corridor in Vampire Survivors:

  1. Obtain the Yellow Sign Relic.
  2. Load into any stage.
  3. Collect the Silver Ring and Gold Ring.
  4. Max out the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, and Clock Lancet.
  5. Open a Treasure Chest to evolve the item to the Infinite Corridor.

First, you’ll need to find the Yellow Sign Relic to be able to see the weapons required to make the Infinite Corridor. The Silver and Gold Rings are technically hidden items, so while they are available on every stage, they will be invisible unless you have unlocked the Yellow Sign.

After obtaining the required Relic, you can load into any stage with any character. The Silver Ring and Gold Ring will show up on the map as you hit escape if you have the Milky Way Map from Dairy Plant. Collect the rings along with the Clock Lancet, and level them all up to eight. You can evolve these items into the Infinite Corridor like any other level eight weapon: through a treasure chest.

Gold Ring and Silver Ring, Vampire Survivors

What does the Infinite Corridor do?

The Infinite Corridor halves the health of all enemies it hits and also freezes them. It is a large ring that rotates clockwise around the player and does no damage, but the freezing and health debuff makes the Infinite Corridor a very viable weapon. The Infinite Corridor also affects Death, so combining it with the Crimson Shroud and Laurel makes killing Death possible without exploits.

The term Infinite Corridor is from Castlevania, which is where Vampire Survivors takes a lot of inspiration. In Castlevania, Infinite Corridor is an alternate realm in an alternate universe.

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Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.