How to Unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors

Here's everything you need to know about Leda in Vampire Survivors, including how to unlock the character and its starting weapon.

Many playable characters are available in Vampire Survivors, some of which must be purchased with Gold Coins or unlocked through special actions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors and list his passive bonuses and starting weapon.

Toastie is one of 24 total characters in Vampire Survivors, and it’s one of the few “secret” characters in the game, alongside Exdash, Toastie, Death, and MissingNo.

How to unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors, you need to:

  • Pick any character
  • Load into the Gallo Tower Stage
  • Run south for about 20 minutes
  • Defeat Leda

The first step to unlocking Leda is having access to the Gallo Tower stage. It’s the fourth stage in the game, and we have a guide on how to unlock Gallo Tower if you need help. Leda is one of the hidden bosses on this level, and he’s located far south, about 30+ tiles down. It helps to pick a quick character like Death for this one, but you may not have Death unlocked.

In that case, it’s not a problem, as any character will do just fine. However, you need to continuously move south. Avoid getting caught up in fights, and be sure not to place it in Hurry Mode. Arcanas and Hyper Mode is fine, as long as you can handle them. Leda has a lot of health and is just one enemy, so single-target builds will serve you well. Consider using the knife, as you can focus all of your damage with it on Leda.

Where is Leda on Gallo Tower?
Leda, hidden boss on Gallo Tower (Gamer Digest)

As you approach Leda, your screen will begin to darken. Eventually, your entire screen will be black, aside from a small circle around your character. That’s how you know Leda is nearby. Keep going south, and eventually, you will get to him. You may also encounter the Giant Crab Enemy if you’re in the area at the 20-minute mark.

After defeating Leda, the character will automatically be added to your character select screen, and you do not need to spend any additional gold to unlock him.

Where is Leda in Vampire Survivors?

Leda is found approximately 30-40 tiles south of the starting area on Gallo Tower. Depending on your character’s Move Speed, this can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes. Run south until the screen is completely dark except for a circular radius alongside the character, then keep running south some more. Eventually, you will meet Leda and need to defeat him.

What are Leda’s passive bonuses in Vampire Survivors?

Leda starts with the following passive bonuses:

  • +5 Armor
  • +100% Might
  • +10% Area
  • -10% Cooldown
  • -20% Move Speed

What is Leda’s starting weapon in Vampire Survivors?

Leda begins each run with the Holy Wand, which is the evolved version of the Magic Wand (Magic Wand + Tome). The Holy Wand shoots a continuous stream of projectiles at the enemy, and benefits from Amount, Cooldown, and Projectile Speed buffs. It is an auto-targeting weapon, and you can wiggle your character back and forth to force it to target the nearest enemies. The Holy Wand is one of the best starting weapons in Vampire Survivors.

That’s how to unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors, including a rundown of his starting weapon and passive bonuses.