Wild Hearts: How to Unlock Repeater Crossbow Karakuri Fusion

Here's how to unlock the Repeater Crossbow Karakuri Fusion in Wild Hearts.

There are lots of different Karakuri Fusions to unlock in Wild Hearts. These are all typically unlocked during moments of inspiration when you’re fighting Kemono. One such Karakuri is called Repeater Crossbow, and we put together this guide to explain how you can unlock it easily. As always, you’ll need to make sure you have the right Karakuri equipped before heading into battle to ensure you unlock it.

How to Unlock the Repeater Crossbow Karakuri in Wild Hearts

The Repeater Crossbow Karakuri Fusion unlocks after performing an inspiration that appears during the Fumebeak hunt. You will need to have Stake and Glider equipped during your Fumebeak hunt and then press the corresponding keys when they flash during the moment of inspiration.

The combination to make the Repeater Crossbow Karakuri is glider-stake-glider. You can unlock Repeater Crossbow on normal or mighty Fumebeak, and you can do it in single- or multiplayer. Repeater crossbows can bring down airborne Kemono.

Fumebeak is located in the Akikura Canyon zone, and it is a poison bird monster that grants a debuff whenever you step in or get hit by any poison clouds. Poison is a debuff that makes you lose health over time, but it’s not too debilitating as far as interrupting your flow. Overall, it’s not too tough of a fight, especially if you are playing multiplayer and can rotate aggro with another player.

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You’ll first encounter Fumebeak when you unlock the Akikura Canyon zone around the early to mid-game. You’ll have a quest from Minato to kill the Kemono, so once you’re done, return to town to hand it in. If you already killed Fumebeak and missed the inspiration during the fight, you could always pull up the Main Map and select the Corvine Miasma Mayhem event to fight Fumebeak again!

Wild Hearts Fumebeak Fight

A few upgrades on the Karakuri Upgrade tree boost the Repeater Crossbow damage output. We recommend picking those up as soon as possible if you plan to use this in battle. It’s an overall quality Karakuri Fusion, so give it a try!