How to Build a Graveyard in Dwarf Fortress

In Dwarf Fortress, Graveyards are essential for preventing the spread of Miasma and hauntings inside of your fortress. Special characters, like Barons, may require more elaborate, individual Tombs.

No one wants it to happen, but in the 2D settlement simulation game Dwarf Fortress, it’s bound to happen and happen a lot. Your Dwarves must venture through perilous tasks, like taking on a giant one-eyed cyclops or element-controlling Titans, and so a few Dwarves dying is a high likelihood. When they perish, you’ll want to give them a proper burial. Here’s what you need to know about graveyards and tombs in the game.

How to Build a Graveyard in Dwarf Fortress

To build a graveyard, hit Zones (z), then click Tomb. Individual graves are a 1×1 block and must be set individually for each casket to be used. Graveyards are areas where you can bury your Fortress’ dead.

Building a large Tomb Zone with multiple caskets in it will assign every casket in that Zone to a single Dwarf–so it is not advised. Instead, line up your caskets and assign each of them an individual zone.

Dwarf Fortress Graveyard
Tomb Zones

Caskets can be built at the Carpenter’s Workshop. On default, any unassigned Dwarf who passes away will be buried in one of the caskets, which is designated when the cover on top of the casket is closed.

Players can click each casket to see who was buried there. Your dwarves will do their best to collect all fallen comrades’ remains so that your fortress doesn’t get haunted.

Building a Tomb

In certain situations, like in the case of royalty, your Dwarf may require a more elaborate tomb. To build a tomb, simply build a 2×3 room and smooth and engrave the walls. Throwing in a Statue, Altar, or Pedestal with a display item can upgrade the Tomb’s status.

Remember, the Zone dictates the room value, so ensure you cover the entire area, including engraved walls, to get the most value out of your room.

Dwarf Fortress Tomb
Fine Tomb

And that’s all you need to know about Graveyards and Tombs in Dwarf Fortress! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below.

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