How to Raid in Dwarf Fortress

Raiding in Dwarf Fortress is a great way to take on enemies and loot valuable gear and items.

Have you spent the time in Dwarf Fortress to build a formidable fighting force and are ready to now take on different parts of the map? Players can access the world map to carry out raids and take over other areas. Before you read this guide, check out our guide on creating militias and squads so that you have soldiers to carry out the raid.


How to Raid in Dwarf Fortress

Raiding in Dwarf Fortress enables players to free captives, loot items, steal treasure, or take livestock. To raid, players must hit the World Screen (y) in the bottom right of the screen. From here, they’ll be able to see the different settlement locations across the map. To raid another settlement, players can click on a settlement location to open a list of options, including: 

  • Raid: Squads will try to avoid detection.
  • Pillage: Squads will openly attack.
  • Raze: Your militia will attack and destroy the location.
  • Demand one-time tribute
  • Demand ongoing tribute
  • Conquer and occupy
  • Demand surrender and occupy
Raid Screen Dwarf Fortress
Raid Screen

Using the Worldmap

Click the Center on fort button to center your Fortress on the campaign map. From here, you can mouse over other squares to get detailed information on other settlements. 

To start a new raiding mission, click on one of the squares, then make your selection. You can choose to do one thing or several things within the raid menu, including: 

  • Free captives belonging to your civilization
  • Release other prisoners
  • Take important treasures
  • Loot other items
  • Steal livestock

You should focus on settlements closer to you at first that have a smaller population since travel distance time and difficulty in case your warriors are engaged in battle. 

Viewing the Raid Results

To view the raid results after your party makes it back, click the Reports button from the world map, then click the Mission Report for the raid you want to view. Click the Spoils Report text to view what items you got from the raid. 

Keep in mind when your Dwarves leave to raid, they will be subtracted from your overall villagers. There is currently a bug in the Steam version that unequips their rooms, so keep this in mind when they return. In our experience, building communal eating quarters and having them sleep in their barracks is a better way to manage soldier bedrooms. 

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