How to Clinch in Undisputed

Hold on for dear life.

Scared of fighting on the inside? Trying to keep things at a jab’s length? Here’s how to clinch or hold in Undisputed

Clinching is the act of holding onto your opponent to prevent them from punching and can often lead to the referee breaking up the fighters. In real boxing, it’s a viable way to keep the fight at the range you want. In Undisputed, there are a lot of different mechanics, so missing a command or two is more than understandable. If you need to clinch but have no idea how to do it, we’ve made this quick guide for you. 

How to Clinch in Undisputed

To clinch in the Undisputed boxing game, players must be at a close enough range to grab onto the opponent. To engage the clinch, press in the right thumbstick, and your boxer will hold onto the opponent. Disengage the clinch by pressing the right thumbstick again. Players that get clinched can also get out of the hold this way.

Keep in mind that continually clinching can cause you to lose a point. Usually, clinching 5-6 times will cause the ref to step in and deduct one. This could make the difference between winning and losing in a razor-thin bout. 

At the time of writing, it is not possible to clinch in multiplayer Undisputed matches — clinching only works in single-player matches. We’ll keep you posted if this changes.

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When to Clinch in Undisputed

The most obvious time to clinch is when your character is dazed. Clinching takes a few seconds to disengage, so the dazed period could be over by the time the clinch is done. Keep in mind, uppercuts from the opponent when you try to clinch could end up knocking you down, but it is a viable option rather than running away from the opponent. 

Dazed Undisputed

You can also clinch if you are trying to keep the fight on the outside and your opponent is getting into the pocket too often. While not as viable of a strategy as in real-life boxing (because you’ll lose a point a lot easier), you can perform this technique a few times per fight to save yourself from taking extra damage when they close the distance. 

Unlike real boxing, in Undisputed, you should really try to keep range and distance as best you can to achieve victory rather than clinching. There’s a whole inside game that we go over in more depth in our Undisputed Beginners Guide. If the developers update the game to make clinching less likely to lose you a point, we’ll update this article to reflect that. 

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