How to Defend in Undisputed

Stop eating punches and defend yourself!

Eating more punches than you’re defending in Undisputed? You could be doing it wrong. Here’s a guide that will shed light on the sweet science of defense. 

If you’ve hopped into the Early Access version of Undisputed but keep getting battered in the ring, you need to work on your defense! Like in real-life boxing, it’s important to protect yourself at all times. This guide will cover some basics of blocking, leaning, and slipping punches. 

How to Defend in Undisputed

There are four primary defense mechanisms players can use in Undisputed and include: 


Blocking will be your primary go-to when it comes to defense in Undisputed. To block, hold down the Right Trigger and press the direction you want to block with the Right Thumbstick. You can also block your body by pressing the Left Bumper while holding down the Right Trigger. 

Blocking Undisputed
Image: Screenshot via Undisputed

If you are an inside fighter trying to close the distance, it’s important you block while coming in to avoid oncoming punches. It’s also imperative that you block when trying to disengage and go outside of punching range to avoid getting clipped while you retreat or circle. Blocking can be combined with the next technique, Leaning, to even further minimize the damage done to your character. 


Leaning is a good tactic to get out of the way of hooks, uppercuts, and straight punches when you are out of range. To lean, hit the Left Trigger, then move the left thumbstick in the direction you want to lean. Leaning away from a punch while blocking reduces the damage, while leaning into a punch while blocking will usually cause your fighter to take the full damage to their face. 

Leaning Undisputed
Image: Screenshot via Undisputed

Less safe than blocking, Leaning enables the player to get off quick counter shots, which can do significant damage. It can also help you land straight shots on opponents when their reach is just a bit longer than you. A popular technique you can use in Undisputed is the the Pull Counter, where you lean and then deliver a counter immediately after your opponent throws a strike. 


At the time of writing, Slipping in Undisputed is a bit underpowered because, unlike leaning, it eats up a player’s stamina when used. To slip a punch, press in on the left thumbstick in the direction that you want to slip the punch. Your character will briefly dodge or duck, which can be followed by a counter punch. 

Slipping Undisputed
Image: Screenshot via Undisputed

The issue with slipping at the time of writing is that it takes pinpoint timing to pull off a counter correctly. It is much easier to lean and then deliver a counter. However, if your opponent is telegraphing the same punch, it’s more than possible to slip it and deliver a devastating counterblow. 

Ring Movement

Once you learn the basics, you’ll come to realize that Ring Movement is perhaps the most important aspect of defense in Undisputed. Knowing the range of your punches and whether they will connect or not will help you determine whether you should throw them in the first place. 

As we covered in our Undisputed beginner’s guide, certain fighters are built to stay outside and pepper their opponents with straight blows and jabs, while other fighters will want to get on the inside and make it a dogfight with power shots and hooks. 

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use for Ring Movement in Undisputed. 

  • Figure out whether you want to be inside or outside of punching range.
  • Press up on the D-pad to enter loose movement mode if you want to stay agile on the outside. 
  • Use the first round to determine your opponent’s fighting style and get used to the punching range. 
  • Circle away from your opponent’s power blows. 

If you are a long fighter that prefers straight shots like jabs and crosses, then you’ll want to maintain a jabbing distance between you and your opponent at all times. When circling, keep in mind of their power shots so that you can circle in the opposite direction. 

If you are a shorter fighter that wants to get on the inside, remember to cut off the ring. If your opponent keeps circling you, circle in the opposite direction to cut off the ring. Your goal should be to push them up against the ropes or corner. 

Like most things in Undisputed, one of the most important aspects of defense is downloading the tendencies and behaviors of your opponents and using them against them. Doing the same thing won’t work for every fight, so you’ll need to adjust and adapt depending on who’s standing across from you in the ring. 

What is the hardest part of defense for you? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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