Undisputed Patch Notes (February 6)

The Undisputed Patch Update for February 6, 2023, includes a few critical bug fixes and changes that improve QoL and enhance the current game. 

The new boxing game created by Steel City Interactive continues to pump out game updates for the previously-known-as E-Sports Boxing Club, now known as Undisputed. This most recent patch fixes the lag spike for the KO minigame and patches some cheesier things people online have been getting away with. 

Undisputed Patch Notes for February 6, 2023

The Undisputed Patch notes for February 6 include the following: 

Bug Fixes

Here are the bug fixes from the Undisputed patch: 

  • Fixed an issue with the KO minigame that caused framerate issues.
  • Replaced a Prize Fight that was broken and unable to be played.
  • Fixed an issue that meant players fighting online always saw a high-ping warning after a fight ends, regardless of their connection.


Here are the changes from the Undisputed patch:

  • Boxers can no longer be dazed or knocked down by a body jab.
  • Reduced AI max stamina and AI stamina recovery between rounds.
  • Increased the damage bonus to counterpunches by 25%.
  • Removed Coldwell Day from the venue rotation in ranked online play.
  • Slightly increased base punch accuracy rating across all fighters.

To read the official patch notes, visit the Undisputed Steam Update page

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