How to Unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors

Learn how to unlock the Hurry Mode stage modifier in Vampire Survivors, and how it works in the game.

Vampire Survivors is a roguelite game that features some carryover progression in the form of weapon unlocks, character unlocks, stage unlocks, and power-ups. Additionally, there are two stage modifiers (modes) that players can toggle on or off, either individually or in tandem, to adjust the behavior of the run. Those two modes are called Hyper Mode and Hurry Mode.

Hyper Mode is a stage-specific unlock, which means you need to do something on a particular stage to unlock it for the stage. Hurry Mode, however, is universal, so once you unlock it, you can toggle the option on all the maps you have unlocked. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors

How to Unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors, you need to find and collect the Sorceress’ Tears Relic. After collecting the Relic, the option to enable “Hurry Mode” opens on all stages on the Stage Selection screen.

Where is the Sorceress’ Tears in Vampire Survivors?

Sorceress’ Tears is an item located on Gallo Tower, approximately 12 tiles south of the starting point. After loading into Gallo Tower, head south and look for the Green Arrow. If you have the Milky Way Map, you can view the item on your map by pressing escape. Enemies surround the Relic, but you do not need to kill them to obtain the Sorceress’ Tears.

If you do not yet have the Gallo Tower level unlocked, you may want to read through our guide on how to unlock it. It’s an easy requirement, but you may need to grind some gold to afford power-ups that allow you to survive on Dairy Plant more easily.

What is Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors?

Hurry Mode is a stage modifier that can be toggled on or off at the Stage Selection screen in Vampire Survivors. When Hurry Mode is enabled, the clock speed for the stage goes twice as fast. You’ll reach the regular 30-minute mark in only 15 minutes of real-life time.

Time-based events, such as evolutions chests and enemy spawns, occur at the usual in-game time thresholds. Hurry Mode is a nice option if you have limited time and want to squeeze in a run. 

That’s how to unlock Hurry Mode in Vampire Survivors. If anything about this level changes, we’ll update our page to reflect it. Please comment below if you have anything to add!

Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.