Across the Obelisk: How to Unlock Oculy

Here's how to unlock Oculy in Across the Obelisk, a pet that grants Blunt Resistance and casts Clairvoyance every turn.

There are lots of pets and characters to unlock in Across the Obelisk, and we’re here to help you out! Oculy is one of the pets locked behind a specific event, so you’ll want to use a game seed to force the event to spawn. In the guide below, we’ll show you how to unlock Oculy in Across the Obelisk.

How to Unlock Oculy in Across the Obelisk

Here’s how to unlock Oculy in Across the Obelisk:

  1. Complete Act 1 and proceed through the Act 2 green portal.
  2. Go to the South Pier area and purchase the boat for 800 gold.
  3. Proceed to the Aqueduct zone from the Temple Stairs.
  4. Select the option to take Oculy with you to unlock the pet.

Oculy is a reasonably simple pet to unlock, but you will want to use a seed for it. Otherwise, the event you need might not show up! Here’s the seed you can use for Oculy:

Across the Obelisk game seed to unlock Oculy: Buy ATO

Now that you’re in a game where you know the proper event will spawn, you can proceed through Act 1 and head through the Green portal for Act 2. Inside Act 2, make your way down to the South Pier with 800 gold in hand. Purchase the boat and take it across the water to the Temple Stairs.

From the Temple Stairs, make your way to the Aqueduct event, which is two spots to the right. You’ll see a few options at the Aqueduct ‘The Monster Trainer’ event. If you’re solely out to unlock Oculy, choose the option to take Oculy with you. You can also train your other pets, which upgrades them to a stronger version of themselves.

Across the Obelisk The Monster Trainer

Congratulations on unlocking Oculy! Oculy is a pet that grants 6% Blunt Damage Resistance and casts Clairvoyance every turn. Clairvoyance applies 1 Sight and 1 Insane every turn on a random enemy.

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