Dwarf Fortress: How to Rent Rooms in Taverns and Inns

Tavern in Dwarf Fortress

If you are looking to expand your Dwarf Fortress population, then building and renting rooms in Taverns is a great way to attract new visitors. This guide will cover everything you need to know about renting rooms. 

Dwarf Fortress is truly like an onion. Every time you peel a layer back, another layer bares itself. Upgrading your Meeting Area Zones is hidden under a few layers of options, but once you uncover them, it makes the game much deeper. One of these concepts is renting rooms to upgrade that popular Tavern to an Inn.

How to Rent Rooms in Taverns and Inns

Rooms must be assigned to a Tavern for your Barkeeper to start renting it out. Rooms can be built adjacent or away from the Tavern but must be in their own non-overlapping Zone. To assign a room to a specific tavern, build a Bedroom Zone (z), then press the plus button and assign the specific Tavern you want to the bedroom. 

Assigning Bedroom to Tavern

This will give ownership of the bedroom to the Tavern/Inn and can be viewed from the Zone Menu when you select the Tavern. 

Viewing Rentable Rooms in Dwarf Fortress
Viewing Rentable Tavern Rooms

Visitors that rent rooms won’t become part of your overall player cap but will assume jobs in your Fortress. They will not be controllable, and you won’t be able to assign them to specific tasks, but they will be more likely to assimilate to your population via Petition

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