How to Counterpunch in Undisputed

One of the most powerful abilities a boxer can learn in Undisputed is the counterpunch. 

Recently, the developers of Undisputed, Steel City Interactive, enhanced the damage bonus on counters, making them even more effective. They have always been an effective way to hurt your opponent in the ring and a viable strategy for just about any prizefighter. This guide will cover how to counterpunch in Undisputed

How to Counterpunch in Undisputed

Various ways to counterpunch in Undisputed include a slip counter, lean counter, and block counter. To counter in the game, avoid getting hit and follow up and land your own strike immediately afterward. Counters can also be achieved by landing a punch as your opponent throws a punch. A white flash will designate all punch counters in Undisputed. 

In general, straight punches like jabs or the straight cross will land faster than hooks or uppercuts and thus have a higher chance of countering, but ultimately players can counterpunch with just about any strike in their arsenal as long as they get the timing right. 

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Lean Counter

The concept of a lean counter is to lean out of the way, wait for your opponent to throw a punch then land a punch as they are pulling their arm back. This technique could be considered a riskier counterpunch because it leaves you exposed, but you can also combine it with blocking for extra safety. 

To lean counter: 

  • Hold L2 and back on the left Thumbstick. 
  • Wait for the opponent to throw and whiff a punch, and follow up with a quick punch. 
lean counter undisputed

Block Counter

A block counter, as the name would imply, can be pulled off by blocking a blow and then quickly following up with one of your own. 

To block counter: 

  • Hold R2 and back on the left Thumbstick. 
  • Wait for the opponent to throw and miss a punch, and follow up with a quick strike. 
undisputed block counter

Slip Counter

Slip counters are potentially the hardest counters to pull off because they require precision timing and also consume your stamina, which blocking and leaning does not do. However — it’s still a viable and effective strategy to counterpunch. 

To slip counter: 

  • Press the Left Thumbstick in the direction you want to slip. 
  • Follow up and land a blow on your opponent. 
slip counter undisputed

Landing Counters Against Tough Opponents

Countering is mostly about timing but also about reading and anticipating what your opponent will do in the ring. Pick up on any punching rhythm that your opponent tends to favor in the fight. Throw punches in between his rhythm to disrupt it if it’s easily identifiable. 

You can also counter specific techniques with a specific strike at times. Here are a few examples:

  • If a player is spamming body hooks, you can easily counter with a well-timed hook on the opposite side. For instance, if they spam the right body hook, hit them with a short, quick right hook to the head. (or left-hook if southpaw)
  • Counterpunches can catch players that circle in the same direction on the same side. For instance, if they circle left, hit them with a left hook to the head or body. 
  • If someone is spamming jabs, you can often slip and then deliver a counter straight. 
  • Uppercuts can typically be countered by leaning back and then delivering a quick 1-2 blow. 

High-tier players will be harder to counter because they will diversify the cadence and variety of their punches and will use distance and movement to stay out of range of your counterblows. However — it’s not impossible. 

You’ll need to be patient and not overzealous if you plan to be a counterpunching pro. It’s easy to get frustrated in a game like Undisputed and throw your entire game plan out the window. If you want to be a counterpunch fighter, you’ll need to really understand your opponent and their timing. 

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