Vampire Survivors Giovanna Grana Character Guide

Here's everything you need to know about Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors, including how to unlock her and her starting weapon.

Many playable characters are available in Vampire Survivors, some of which must be purchased with Gold Coins or unlocked through special actions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors and list her passive bonuses and starting weapon.

Giovanna Grana is one of 25 total characters in Vampire Survivors, and she’s the first with a stage-specific unlock requirement. She is one of four characters unlocked by finding a coffin, with the other three being Pugnala Provola, Poppea Pecorina, and Concetta Caciotta. Coincidentally, all four of these characters’ names reference Italian cheeses.

How to unlock Giovanna in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors, you must locate her coffin on the Inlaid Library stage. The coffin is far east of the starting area and surrounded by Aggressive Winged Skeletons. An arrow will guide you to the coffin as you get closer, and you can view it on your map if you have the Milky Way Map.

After unlocking Giovanna Grana by finding her coffin, you’ll need to purchase her on the Character Selection screen for 2400 Gold Coins.

What are Giovanna Grana’s passive bonuses in Vampire Survivor?

Giovanna gains +1% Projectile Speed every level, and there is no level cap, meaning this can stack to level 99. Giovanna also gains +20% Movespeed as a starting bonus. 

What is Giovanna Pecorina’s starting weapon in Vampire Survivors?

Giovanna’s starting weapon is the Gatti Amari, which summons capricious projectiles which can interact with pickups. The weapon caps out at level eight and has the following attributes per level:

  1. Base.
  2. Base speed increases by 20%.
  3. The effect lasts 1.5 seconds longer.
  4. Base speed increases by 20%.
  5. Fires one more projectile.
  6. The effect lasts 1.5 seconds longer.
  7. Base speed increases by 20%.
  8. Fires one more projectile.

The Gatti Amari is affected by all stat bonuses and is best with Luck and Floor Chicken. The former increases the chance of cats attacking enemies and starting a scuffle. Area influences the size of the cat claws and scuffle attacks, so Candelabradar is a good item to synergize with the weapon. Furthermore, Cooldown, Duration, and Amount also benefit this item.

Gatti Amari’s cats can pick up items, which have the following effects:

  • Floor Chicken – Increases the chance of attack by 1.1x and base damage by 1.
  • Little Clover – Doubles the cat’s speed.
  • Nduja Fritta Tanto – Explodes the cats.
  • Orologion – Freezes the cats.
  • Rosary – No effect, can be used by player.
  • Vacuum – No effect, can be used by player.

Survive for 15 minutes with Giovanna Grana to permanently unlock the Gatti Amari.

That’s everything you need to know about Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors. If anything changes about Giovanna in future updates, we will update this page.

Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.