Across the Obelisk: How to Unlock Zek

Trying to figure out how to unlock Zek in Across the Obelisk? We’re here to help with a step-by-step guide so you can get the Shadow Mage known as Zek and help your team pump the damage.

Across the Obelisk is a coop deckbuilding roguelite RPG where players go on an adventure solo or with up to three other friends and try to make their way through all the acts. There are 12 unlockable heroes in Across the Obelisk, and our series of guides will help you unlock all of them. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to unlock Zek, a Shadow Mage that does a ton of Shadow damage and accumulates lots of Dark stacks.

How to Unlock Zek in Across the Obelisk

To unlock Zek in Across the Obelisk, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Main Road in Act 1 by taking the middle path
  2. Select the Profane option to dig at the grave
  3. Defeat the three enemies to obtain the Jeweled Key
  4. Finish Act 1 and proceed through the Blue Portal
  5. Navigate to the Sewer Outlet in the Blue area
  6. Hand over the Jeweled Key to enter the Sewers

Zek is one of the easier characters to unlock in the game. First, start by taking the middle path in Act 1 and navigating to the Main Road, which is the second spot after the town. Once there, choose the Profane option to start digging and hope for the best.

Across the Obelisk Main Road

The option will ultimately put you in combat against three enemies. Take them down to unlock the Jeweled Key. Having Heiner in your group allows you to get a few extra items, but this is not necessary to the questline.

Next, finish out Act 1 and proceed through the Blue Portal. You will then need to go to the Sewer Outlet area in the Blue World for The exiled quest. Choose the Enter option to hand over the Jeweled Key and enter the sewers. After this is done, you will unlock Zek.

Across the Obelisk Sewer Outlet

About Zek

Zek is a Warlock specializing in Shadow Magic and Curses, and he has the Pestilent innate, which causes all enemies to suffer 1 Dark and get 1 Dark stack at the start of your turn. The signature item is Soul Lantern, which offers +3% Frost and Shadow resistance at the start of Combat and recovers +3% HP.

You can optimize this hero’s perks by going down the Mystical Tree for Shadow and Dark damage. With fully optimized perks, the passive, and the Soul Lantern item, you’ll get four dark stacks on enemies at the start of every turn.

Zek Starting Deck

  1. Black Death
  2. Curse of Exhaustion x3
  3. Dark Pact x2
  4. Dark Ritual x2
  5. Curse of Shadows x3
  6. Drain Life
  7. Shadow Bolt x3

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