Undisputed: How to Rush Down a Dazed Opponent

Increase your KO percentage with our guide.

Are you having trouble catching up with your opponent when they are dazed in the new boxing game Undisputed? Well, there’s a mechanic that enables you to quickly run up to them, but you’ll need to know how to use it. 

One of the most frustrating things that can happen in Undisputed is when you get an opponent off balance, only for them to get away and for you to miss that final blow that will put them down. Steel City Interactive, developers of the boxing game, Undisputed, had this thought in mind when they developed the rush mechanic. 

How to Rush Down a Dazed Opponent

To rush down a dazed opponent in Undisputed, double tap, then hold the left thumbstick in the direction of your opponent. This will make your character rush up in the direction of your dazed opponent so that you can land more significant blows. The rush mechanic is only active when your opponent is dazed.

Rush Down a Dazed Opponent in Undisputed Boxing Game
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Undisputed

You’ll know when your opponent is dazed because the screen will zoom in on them, and your stamina will start glowing blue. In this state, you’ll have unlimited stamina for a small period, so it’s best to unleash a barrage of punches to put them down for good. 

Finishing a Tricky Opponent

If you are having trouble landing that KO blow, there are things you can do as a fighter to increase your chances. Mixing up your strike type from hooks to uppercuts when inside the pocket to straights and jabs from the range will help open the opponent’s guard. 

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With the introduction of arm fatigue, players can no longer spam a single punch with a single arm to close out the fight in most cases. Go to the head, hit the body twice, then back to the head. If your opponent is running away, double-tap the left thumbstick to rush them down and throw some serious haymakers. 

When players try to counter while in a dazed state, there’s a high likelihood you can counter them since their punches are incredibly slow. Landing a Power counter (R1+punch) will send them down. 

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