How to Taunt in Undisputed

My pride hurts more than my face.

Feel like styling on your opponents in the new boxing game, Undisputed? Here’s how to pull off the game’s various taunts. 

With many different strikes and blows available at players’ fingertips, it might surprise you that punches aren’t the only thing with variety in Undisupted. It might seem silly, but a well-placed taunt can demoralize your opponent and lead to your victory. Here’s how to pull them off in the game. 

How to Taunt in Undisputed

There are four total taunts in Undisputed. The hand wind up, the arm wind up, shuffle, and look away. To pull off a taunt in Undisputed, press left on the D-pad, then press up, down, left, or right on the D-pad to pull off the taunt. 

Press the following combinations on the D-pad to pull off each individual taunt in the game: 

  • Hand wind up: left, left
  • Arm wind up: left, down
  • Shuffle: left, up
  • Look away: left, right

You may have been a bit confused because the in-game controls don’t really explain how to do different taunts. If you’ve just been using the hand wind up, we don’t blame you, as this seems like the most common one to use. 

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When to Taunt in Undisputed

Just as in a real fight, taunting in Undisputed is risky because it leaves you completely open to punches. However, it may be a way to goad your enemy into your range if you’re having trouble catching up with them. You may also want to taunt when you’re ahead in the fight to further frustrate your opponent. 

Just know, showboating in Undisputed, just like a regular boxing ring, can always end up with you getting knocked out, so use it sparingly, if ever. 

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